Our Mission

Our team's driving mission for DWG Capital Partners’ investment platform is simple:

"After making their institutional clients wealthy for the prior two decades, DWGCP is now committed to empowering their own select group of private partners to exponentially increase their wealth, as safely and quickly as possible". 

- Judd Dunning, President


At DWG Capital Partners, our seasoned and intelligent team offers multiple forms of diversified investments to our valued partners within the same core discipline; 

  • Industrial, Office, and Retail 12-20 Year NNN New Sale Leasebacks 
  • Existing Add Value Single Tenant NNN Investments
  • Alternative Businesses Investments.

Through strategic execution and extensive prior experience, DWGCP adds the majority of its ventures value creation prior to closing via new leases, new optimal debt rate placement, and strong asset selection. Using this approach, by the time we deliver a DWGCP offering to our clients, the work of finding, negotiating, securing debt, and creating an excellent pathway to above-market yields has already been prepared for execution by DWGCP on our partner's behalf. This way, our DWGCP equity partners have a simplified opportunity to "Easily co-invest from the comfort of their living rooms and offices” with a superior, higher-yielding commercial real estate investment. Meanwhile, we at DWGCP, perform all the transactional and management heavy lifting and loan guarantee risks with our internal balance sheet.

Our DWGCP investment approach primarily targets and invests in carefully selected "Main Street" private, strong performing American businesses rather than "Wall Street" S&P credit-based assets. Through this approach, DWGCP can often secure superior returns by helping thriving businesses (often backed by private equity companies that have invested in the underlying tenancies) grow and expand as our partners benefit from higher yields. Superior institutional tax strategies are also delivered within our investment teams platforms whenever possible.