"With a proven legacy of two decades in prospering our primary institutional clients, DWG Capital Partners stands committed to empowering its principals, partners, owners, and tenants, propelling them towards accelerated and secure wealth growth.

We believe that the true measure of success goes beyond the transactions we undertake; it lies in the profound freedom and time that their successful execution affords all our stakeholders, tenants, and their families. At DWGCP, our unwavering dedication is to create a lasting impact, ensuring prosperity and financial liberation for all those we have the privilege to serve.."

- Judd Dunning, President - DWG Capital Partners


Welcome to DWGCP - Where Strategic Execution Meets Exceptional Results in Commercial Real Estate Investment.

DWG Capital Partners invests in:.

  • Industrial  12-15 Year NNN New Sale Leasebacks
  • Existing Industrial Value Add Investments
  • Select Operating Company Business Investments

At DWG, our success is built on a foundation of strategic execution and extensive expertise. We take pride in adding substantial value to our structured finance industrial net leased sale-leasebacks and other value add investments long before the closing stage. This is achieved through innovative practices like securing new leases, optimizing debt rates, and meticulously selecting robust businesses in superior real estate markets. By the time we present a DWG offering to our valued clients, all the groundwork of finding, negotiating, and securing debt, along with crafting a pathway to above-market yields, is already diligently prepared by DWG on our partner's behalf.

As a result, our DWG equity partners enjoy a simplified opportunity to effortlessly invest in a superior, higher-yielding commercial real estate venture. While you focus on reaping the rewards of a successful investment, our dedicated team at DWG handles all the transactional and management heavy lifting, shouldering the associated loan guarantee risks with our robust internal balance sheet.

Our investment approach distinguishes us from the traditional "Wall Street" norm. At DWG, we primarily target and invest in carefully selected "Main Street" private, strong-performing American businesses, rather than relying on "Wall Street" S&P credit-based assets. This strategic focus allows DWG to secure superior returns by supporting thriving companies, backed by private equity firms that have invested in the underlying tenancies, facilitating their growth and expansion for our partners' benefit from higher yields.

Moreover, at DWG, our investment team's platform incorporates cutting-edge institutional yield-enhancing tax strategies, applied to all our acquisitions, further enhancing the overall return on investment.

Join us at DWG and experience a world of strategic investment that unlocks exceptional opportunities in commercial real estate. Together, we'll navigate a path to prosperity, where innovation meets success. Invest with confidence, invest with DWG.


Judd Dunning
President | Principal
TX: 972.738.8586 | LA: 310.261.8428
E: [email protected]

Emily Frazee
Operations | Marketing
DWG Capital Group | DWG Capital Partners
LA: 310.463.6552 | TX: 817.791.9485
E: [email protected]

Ryan Billings
Investor Relations | Capital Markets
T: 336.657.1012
E: [email protected]

Mark Atkins
Investor Relations
T: 615.944.5359
E: [email protected]

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